5 motivational and productivity tips for those who live alone and work at home

As the Coronavirus quarantine period continues, we all feel our productivity, motivation, and mood drop. And that we have to work every day to regain balance and energy. And among entrepreneurs, there is a group that is being particularly affected by this situation: people who live alone.

Did you know that there are scientific studies that have proven that social isolation can be as negative for health as smoking? Having communication with other people, even if it is virtual, is just as important as eating healthy or exercising?

It is true, loneliness can be a choice at certain stages of our life. We can even enjoy it. But the human being it is important to stay connected to the world (especially in times of crisis and uncertainty). And here, we share five tips to achieve it.

Tip # 1. Take a walk for a few minutes

It is important that you have some contact with the outside every certain time, and always in a safe way (with masks and gloves, at least). Depending on the government-imposed restrictions on where you live, the good idea is to take an early walk, when there is hardly anyone on the street. The fresh air, the sun, changing the environment for a few minutes, and exercising is vital to stay lively, energized, and with high defenses.

Tip # 2. Talk every day with your family and friends

Spending many days in isolation and without talking to anyone can lead us to have negative thoughts like they don’t love us or nobody cares about us. And the reality is that we are all handling this situation to the best of our ability, and sometimes, even in quarantine, we are unable to finish our tasks even in 24 hours. So be sure to pick up the phone or use a remote communication application like Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and spend time communicating with your loved ones. They also need you.

Tip # 3. Be careful with social networks

Facebook or Twitter are extremely useful to keep us informed about how our family, friends, and colleagues are, and that is why it is not recommended to leave them. However, spending many hours on these platforms can give us a feeling that can actually increase the negative effects of isolation. The people who become addicted to social media may be troubled because no one gave him “like” a post, or did not receive any comment. Remember that nothing can replace the benefits of personal contact.

Tip # 4. Join a group around a common interest

Do you like to read? Find a book club that works through Zoom or Google Meet. Do you want to start meditating or exercising? Many coaches are teaching online and at very low rates. Today we have more time available than ever, and that means a great opportunity to resume some hobby or activity that allows us to enjoy our passions.

Tip # 5. Take care of your space (and make it beautiful)

Living in the same place where we work is complicated, especially now that we have to take care of cooking, ironing, and keeping our house clean. But keep in mind that being in cluttered, unventilated, or dusty rooms all day can undermine our mood. Organize your schedule well and spend at least an hour a day putting things in their place, and even getting rid of papers, magazines, and clothes that no longer make sense to keep. It is also a good idea to redecorate some spaces, or spend time on your plants or start a garden at home.

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Written by Charlie Ashe


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