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6 ways to prevent your smartphone from overheating

If you are one of those people who does not stop using the smartphone, surely you have noticed that at a certain moment it gets very hot, which, at a certain time, could harm the life of your battery, or worse.

Overheating your phone can cause the device to turn off, lower its performance abruptly, or in very extreme cases, its battery explodes.

The temperature that experts recommend for a smartphone is between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Why does your smartphone heat up?

When working with power, it is normal for our smartphone to warm up to a certain extent. The amount of heat your device produces is proportional to the amount of electricity it needs to move.

For example, if you use your mobile to play, since they need both the processor and the graphics processor to be at their maximum performance, they generate more heat.

However, if your phone overheats often, it could be due to prolonged use of games or applications that require more energy, or simply because it could be exposed to the sun for a long time.

Given this uncomfortable and risky problem, we share some recommendations to prevent your device from heating up:

Avoid using “Non-certified” chargers and cables

Although it seems that brands want you to spend more on their products, selling certified cables for each smartphone has the objective of protecting the life of your battery and therefore the operation of your device, even if it costs you a little more.

Non-certified chargers can have a different voltage that causes your phone to overheat and in turn greatly harm the life of your battery.

Close apps when you stop using them

Even if you have stopped using an application, if you did not take care of closing it, it will surely continue to work on your phone in the background and continue to use memory resources and cell phone power.

When you finish using an app, remember to close it.

If it has a bad signal, you better not use your smartphone

If your phone does not detect a good signal and you want to browse your social networks or any other use of the internet, you are forcing your smartphone to search for another type of network, so it will start to heat up.

Do not use your phone if you are in sunlight

Although it may be obvious, leaving your smartphone under the sun’s rays will cause it to heat up and affect its battery. Protect it and keep it somewhere in the shade.

Stop using it for a while or play less time

Remember that when playing or using your smartphone for a long time, your processor will be forced to work hard. If you notice that your smartphone begins to heat up, close the applications and stop using your phone for a few minutes, until it cools down.

This will help your smartphone battery have a longer life.

To cool it down

Although one of the easiest ways to lower the temperature of your device is to place your phone near a fan, some applications can help you cool your phone:

– Coolify.- Helps regulate the temperature of your phone and acts automatically.

– Cooler Master.- Just open the application to detect and solve heating problems.

– Clean Master.- In addition to preventing heat, this app offers the function of cleaning old and temporary files, cache, old SMS, call history and duplicate photos.

Never put your device in the freezer, since it can generate moisture and damage its parts.

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Written by Sean Longstaff


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