8 reasons to start using Twitter

If you still do not decide whether or not you should create an account on this popular social network, these 10 best reasons why you should start using Twitter will convince you to start following other people, write your first tweets and will help you understand why this platform is so popular. After that, you just have to open a Twitter account and become part of the conversation.

1 You can exchange messages almost instantly.

Twitter allows you to exchange messages with your contacts at almost the same time that these events occur. If you find yourself without access to your computer or do not have a broadband connection, Twitter allows you to be informed of what is happening to their lives with just your cellular connection.

In this way, you can keep in touch with all your family, friends, and followers, regardless of the country where you are or the conditions of the Internet signal you are using.

2 Information is abbreviated

While personal blogging allows you to write as much content as you like in each article, Twitter currently allows you to use a maximum of just 140 characters per message. This brevity is one of the great attractions of Twitter.

Short messages allow information to be obtained quickly, avoiding the excessive use of words. This makes it easier to remember them, share them, and generate direct actions in those who read them, ideal if you use this social network for commercial purposes.

3 You will be aware of the latest news

Twitter also serves to keep you informed about the most recent and important news events that occur both in your city and around the world. Many of the major media outlets have Twitter accounts and constantly share their latest news, videos, and articles with their followers.

When you review these profiles, you will notice how quickly and easily all these organizations share their latest news, often including interesting photos, videos, and animations. You will also see that on many occasions, they share their messages, including hashtags, which allow them to group their tweets and news under the same topic.

4 It will help you to search and find a new job

The Twitter search engine is a very useful tool when looking for a job on social networks. A search using those keywords that interest you will allow you to obtain the latest offers published by many companies and job boards on Twitter.

You can also start to follow on Twitter those companies, professionals, and local job boards that interest you. In this way, you will immediately find out about their news when they are published on Twitter.

5 Allows you to get answers to your questions

If you are looking for specific information, it may be that more than one of your followers shares their knowledge with you if you ask them the right question. You could also become a follower of some personality in the subject that interests you and be aware of their updates in that area.

By asking a question via Twitter to a public entity, you could get an answer or solution to your problems, since today many customer service areas maintain their own Twitter accounts to provide better service to their customers.

6 It serves to promote social causes.

Various national and international organizations use Twitter to promote their works. Being a follower of those associations that interest you not only allows you to know what they are doing but also gives you the possibility to help them promote their updates so that more people read them.

Many organizations have limited budgets, and the promotion they get from their followers on this social network is very valuable. Becoming one of their followers will help them find contributors, volunteers, and spread their message.

7 You can contact famous personalities and people.

Many entertainments, sports, and information personalities have their account on this network. Following those who interest you will give you the opportunity to find out about their news. Also, many of these personalities frequently communicate with their followers. If you want to ask a question or send a comment to someone you admire, you can use Twitter to get in touch with that celebrity.

8 Serves to meet new people

Twitter allows you to follow ordinary people without having to be friends in advance. Thus, you can connect with people who share your same tastes and interests, exchange ideas, and over time establish new relationships of friendship and collaboration with them.

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Written by Sean Longstaff


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