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9 tips to free up phone memory

How to gain storage space on mobiles with Android and iPhone

With so many applications, photos, and videos, it is common for the phone to notify you that it ran out of Storage. Here are some strategies to free the cell phone and recover the lost memory.

For Android phones

1) Delete the downloads

Inside the phone, there is a folder where all the downloads made to the mobile are stored. To delete, you have to enter within Settings / Storage Space / Downloads.

You must hold down the item you want to remove and drag it toward the trash icon at the top. You have to touch the end, and this will delete the file.

2) Clear cache

Many Android apps cache data. To be able to delete these files that occupy place unnecessarily, just go to Settings / Applications, and there you can enter each of the apps and delete the cached data. It is also possible to go to the top of the screen, where the three horizontal lines are and press where it says Clear all application cache.

3) Remove unused apps

It is usual for the cell phone to be full of apps that were downloaded at some point and are no longer used. Deleting them is key because they are taking up space unnecessarily. To do it you have to enter Settings / Storage Space / Applications and press where it says Uninstall.

4) Use the cloud

Photos and videos take up a lot of space on the smartphone, so using the cloud is key. Thus, you can use the drive, Google Photos, or any other system that allows you to back up the material that is on the phone.

In the case of Google Photos, if you want to automate the process, you have to enter the app, enter Settings, and enable the option that says Backup and synchronization. That way, things will be saved.

Once this is done, you can press the option Free storage on the device, and this will delete all the photos and videos that already have your Backup in the cloud.

5) Move applications to microSD

Another way to free up space is to move the applications to the microSD. Many phones have the option of adding an external memory card to add space.

It is not possible to do it with all apps. To know if the option is enabled, you have to enter each application from the configuration, and you will see if it is possible to move it to the microSD or not.

For iPhone:

1) Delete history

To delete Safari browsing data, go to Settings / Safari and then choose Clear history and data.

2) Remove some stored files.

It is essential to remove apps that are not used frequently or multimedia material that has already been stored in the cloud. To know what space each of these files occupies and thus decide what to remove, you can enter Settings / General / Storage.

3) Delete text messages

To prevent the cell phone from saving text messages, go to Settings / Messages / Message History and where it says Keep messages, remove the checkmark where it says Always checkmark for 30 days. Thus, once this period has passed, the texts will be automatically deleted.

4) Delete photos in duplicate

By default, when taking photos with HDR mode, the mobile saves two versions of the image: one normal and the other with the HDR effect. For this to not happen, you have to go to Settings / Photos / Camera and then remove the tick where it says Keep still photo.

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Written by Sean Longstaff


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