What is a VPN for? 5 uses of the virtual private network

The VPN, Virtual Private Network is a tool used more and more regularly by many Internet users. Whether streaming, downloading or geographic bypass, its uses are multiple.

Do you regularly hear about VPN but wonder what use you could make of it? We have classified for you all the possible uses of a virtual private network.

Protect your data with a VPN

One of the main reasons is this: a VPN protects you. By connecting to an IP address, which is not yours, a VPN makes hacking of your data impossible. Today, the best VPN providers have advanced encryption protocols that protect your data and guarantee your anonymity on the web.

Enjoy streaming anywhere

More and more online streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix and Molotov are proceeding by geographic blockages. Simply put, if your IP address is in France, you cannot use Netflix US.

With a VPN, no problem. You just need to connect to an American server, and you will be geolocated in the USA, for example. It also works for all of your TV channels, which apply the same geographic restrictions.

In short, you set your IP address wherever you want, according to your needs.

Stay anonymous

If there is one difficulty on the web, it is that of anonymity. All your comings and goings are constantly traced and reused for marketing or even sometimes political purposes. If you want to keep some form of freedom while browsing the web, you will appreciate the VPN.

Instead of transmitting your personal IP address, it is that of the server to which you connect via the VPN which is visible and analyzed by the sites which you visit. Thus, with the VPN, you guarantee your anonymity and can surf in peace.

Work around blockages

If you are travelling abroad or if you are at your workplace or connected to a public Wi-Fi, some sites may be blocked. This is frequently the case for social networks like Facebook or Youtube.

With a VPN you can get around all these blockages, always on the same principle of “making believe” that one is elsewhere.

Take advantage of the best rates

How often does a product you want to acquire cost less on the American platform of a reseller, for example? Also how many times has the hotel or flight you spotted a few hours before doubled in price when you return to the booking site? All this because your navigation leaves traces.

With a VPN, you will not be able to suffer this type of injustice since your IP can be changed with each visit. You are, therefore, certain to benefit from the best prices at all times.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN is a tool that allows you to connect a computer to a remote server. This by isolating the traffic generated by the user and his remote server.

In a few simple words, a VPN allows you to avoid analyzes of your traffic as well as to protect your data, since you are not directly connected to your IP but to that of a server, located elsewhere in the country or in the world.

With a VPN, only the VPN server is the only one that knows your real IP. This is also the reason why this tool is increasingly used for downloading.

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Written by Sean Longstaff


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